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The Journey of an Adelaide Food Blogger

Imagine yourself being wined and dined at the finest restaurants, attending Adelaide’s most prestige events and getting paid to simply eat. Welcome to the life of an Instagram Food Blogger! We interviewed one of Adelaide’s most influential Food Blogger – Anastazija from ‘Only If Its Good’ (Instagram handle – @onlyifitsgood_). Anastazija shares with us some tips on how to get the perfect foodie snap and whats involved for those who are wanting to become Adelaide’s next big thing.

PHOTO CREDIT: Tien Thach FOOD: Ellenika

What inspired you to start a food Instagram?  

Anastazija: Friends would send me names of restaurants they wanted to go to, asking me for my preference.  These same friends encouraged me to review eateries. I eventually relented after a lot of research, Google and I became close friends at that stage.  

I didn’t like the whole negative review phenomenon on social media. I decided I wanted to do positive only.  If I don’t like the food, I keep quiet on social media.  No one needs to know except the eatery which I contact privately.  If it’s Good, it makes it to my page. 

How do you prepare for an Instagram foodie shot?  

Anastazija: Before going out to an eatery, I study their menu.  I also like to study their website, if they have one. The food is what’s most important to me. I look for food or ingredients that appeal to me and look good in a photo. Sometimes, I’ll make enquiries to find out who the chef is and their background.

What camera do you use?

Anastazija: I use my phone, I’m an android girl, a Samsung Galaxy S9. 


What’s the perfect shot in your eyes?

Anastazija: I much prefer a close up.  I want my followers to be able to see what I saw.  To be able to imagine themselves taking a bite or slurping a spoonful.

What’s your favourite food to shoot?

Anastazija: I like to take photos of contrasting and bright colours. Ok, if I have to be completely honest but don’t tell anyone, deal? Cakes!! I love really bright coloured and pretty cakes. Not the big ones, the small cakes. 

What’s your favourite place to eat along Marina Pier?

Anastazija: I love Ellenika, the food and the vibe is brilliant.  Their FOH is also very welcoming and just can’t do enough.  A very close second would be Sammys, I love seafood. 


What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a ‘Food Blogger’

Anastazija: If you would like to be a food blogger/influencer. Do NOT ever ask “If I post this on my page, can I get it for free?” Just no! Eateries are inundated with this. Hard work may get you invites. . Please, this is a big please, learn about food, taste when you eat, learn about texture and balance. Be consistent when you post and take it seriously. If you take it seriously, brands will take you seriously.  

LEFT: Damian (Head Chef at Ellenika) RIGHT: Anastazija PHOTO CREDIT: Tien Thach

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