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Food Blogger Review – Teppanyaki Chef Experience

We all know that there is plenty on offer at Marina Pier, but, when was the last time you experienced the mastery and showmanship of having your very own Teppanyaki Chef? We sent Adelaide’s finest food blogger, Anastazija from @onlyifitsgood_ to Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse to experience it first-hand.

Words by Anastazija from Only If It’s Good
Have you been to Tomiko Japanese Steakhouse on the Marina Pier yet? Wait, just wait, before vegans and vegetarians turn off, Tomiko caters for you too. Yep, they sure do, and they pride themselves on it. You read Steakhouse and you think, “Umm bye!” Right? Listen in, I have a story for you!

If my visit with my vegan friend was anything to go by, everyone will leave rolling themselves off the chair. Hmmm, is that just me? 🤔 You have got to try their nanban scallops/tofu! The batter was ever so light, and the scallops were pillows of air. The nanban sauce which is a mixture of sweet-salty and spicy was fresh enough to cut through the batter. We are sat around a comfortable teppanyaki bar while the star of a chef James works his culinary magic on the hot plate in front of us! Picture this, food, moved around and flipped at the speed of light, ok not that fast but you get my gist, all the while fried to perfection on the hotplate.

Next is the prawns, oysters and Moreton Bay Bugs, the skill when cooking these delights from the sea is phenomenal. I pick up the Moreton Bay Bug ever so skilfully 😁 with my chopsticks and pop it into my mouth. This is the part where I say, teeth optional, it just fell apart. I just could not believe the level of skill, James our teppanyaki magician had.

My friend had some of the most sensationally flavoured flat mushrooms and enoki mushrooms, they too were vegan as was our accompaniments, vegan fried rice, miso and salad.

Lastly, the piece de resistance, the scrumptious aged steak cooked to perfection right in front of me and each piece sliced identical to the previous. Oh my, when that steak hit my tastebuds, they cried out for more! The premium quality of each dish we were served was obvious. You just can not cook seafood and steak in such an inelaborate way and not have premium ingredients, there is nowhere to hide.

The ambience, inclusive menu, friendliness of the staff, the serenity of the nearby ocean and the food at Tomiko Steakhouse is a must go to the eatery at Adelaide’s favourite, Marina Pier.

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To watch the entire experience, click HERE.

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