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Takeaway at the Bay

Experience the flavours of Marina Pier, right in the comfort of your own home!

Due to government regulations, our restaurants and cafes are temporarily unable to offer a dine-in service. However, many of them are still open for takeaway and delivery.

Don’t miss out on enjoying food from your favourite restaurant. Whether it’s a family seafood banquet, the perfect Asian fusion dish, a mouth-watering moussaka, or you’re ready to fight for the last slice of authentic Italian pizza, Marina Pier has it all!

Support your local community and South Australian family owned businesses. Get your takeaway at the bay. Your tummy will thank you for it.

See below, a list of participating restaurants, along with their menus;

Veloce Paninotecca is open for your morning takeaway coffee.

Pick up your takeaway with ease with FREE parking available for 30 minutes!

*Free delivery is available at some restaurants. Menus and delivery options vary. Please check individual restaurant websites for full details.

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