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Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates Glenelg promises an unparalleled reformer Pilates workout experience. The luxe studio has 12 reformer Pilates beds, polishes hardwood floors and the signature Studio Pilates chandelier, that will help you switch your mind off from outside distractions, so you can focus on you.

Their 40-minute instructor-led reformer Pilates classes are designed by physiotherapists and are low impact but high intensity. Their safe and effective reformer Pilates will have you feeling more toned, flexible and stronger!

Whether you’re an early bird, night owl of you’re partial to a lunchtime workout, Studio Pilates Glenelg runs classes, morning, noon and nights, so you’re guaranteed to find a class that fits with your schedule.

With an abundance of coffee spots and eateries nearby, you’ll never be short of anywhere to find a post pilates coffee.

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