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International Women’s Day at Marina Pier

IWD is held on Wednesday 8th March and is a chance to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, this day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.  

International Women’s Day is known globally for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. 

The significance of the day is witnessed worldwide as groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements and rally for women’s equality.  

Marina Pier is full of incredible businesses that are certainly worth the visit, but it is important to recognise the women behind these businesses who hold ensure they are as successful.  

This year we thought we should take the time to highlight some of the incredible women on Marina Pier who have been working tirelessly to make a difference in their fields on Marina Pier.


General Manager of People and Service for Ellenika Ocean Grill Restaurant, Georgina Vasilevski, focuses on recruitment, training of staff as well as all things marketing and customer service for the business.

She has been working at Ellenika for three years, spending time immersing herself in the South Australian business scene to support the developing family business.

Being the powerhouse boss and career-driven woman that she is, Georgina has spent 20 years of her career working for the South Australian government, the last ten being executive leadership roles where she was able to work on some game changing urban development and placemaking projects for the state.  

“Partnering with small businesses and engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders to achieve outcomes that would benefit our state was definitely a highlight of my role,” she explained.   

“My experience in working with small businesses has helped my current role in recruitment and development of staff considerably and working with stakeholders and people of all levels has helped my management of customers and staff.” 

For Georgina, International Women’s Day is a reminder of how many interesting and diverse women surround her in her workplace and outside her workplace, whom she can learn from.  

“I find it helps me to focus not only on some of the challenges we still have to overcome but how we can support each other to better achieve anything we want to,” she said.  

“I get to work with my son who is the owner, it’s an interesting dynamic and it has been a challenge for us both, but I’ve been able to learn a lot from him from an operational perspective.”  

Inspired by everyone around her, Georgina says her kids and her best friend Julia inspire her daily to continue working hard and making meaningful changes around her.  

“My kids are a lot more courageous and willing to take more risks than I ever did to achieve their goals. Their entrepreneurial approach is refreshing but scary at the same time,” she explained.  

“My best friend Julia is a reception teacher, her commitment and effort she puts in daily so that her kids have the best school experience possible just blows me away,” she explained.  

If there was one tip that Georgina could offer women in hospitality, she stresses the importance of not underestimating yourself and to find a mentor to bounce ideas off and vent to in times of need. 


Venue Manager at the Oyster Bar, Sarah Brabon, has been working for 13 years in hospitality, from humble beginnings as a maître d’ at the promenade restaurant/grand hotel in Glenelg.  

She then moved on to work in multiple venues across Adelaide and falls creek in the alpine region in Victoria, but never-the-less, she found her way back to Glenelg where she embarked on her career as venue manager, where she has been for over a year.  

Being at a place where other businesses on the marina all help each other out if needed is what makes her work so special, “it’s as if we all have the same goal and that is to make the marina pier the place to be,” she explained.  

“The friendship between us all here at Marina Pier is great, if one of us runs out of storage then someone will let them borrow some space, if we run out of stock we run up and down the pier asking everyone for help and someone always does, we always know we can count on each other.” 

Inspired by her family every day, her husband and two sons drive her to work hard and provide them with the best life possible, “nothing is more important than their happiness,” she said.  

For Sarah, International Women’s Day is about showing other women to not be afraid to push themselves and their careers beyond their comfort zones.  

“It’s our time to show everyone that we, as women, can be independent, strong, and successful. Being a woman within a managerial role is challenging, people are still to this day walking into a venue and expecting a man to be in charge,” she explained.  

“We as women, are the masters of multi-tasking, juggling between running a business, family life and self-care is no easy feat especially when we still live in a world where we must still prove we can do it all”.

Sarah urges everyone wanting to grow and flourish in the hospitality industry to not doubt themselves and their abilities, to stand up for themselves and don’t let others say it’ll be too hard.  


Tomiko Japanese Steak House manager Lakshmi Devi Nallamill has been working hard for 4 years to make sure that the Tomiko Japanese Steak House reaches its fullest potential.  

“Tomiko Japanese Steak House is the first place of my work not only in Australia but for my entire work-life. This place taught me things I never imagined I’d learn in this environment.” 

“A teacher is the one who gives us the key to a successful future, and I believe Tomiko Japanese Steak House and Marina Pier are teachers in my life,” she explains.  

For Lakshmi, International Women’s Day means celebrating women’s achievements and promoting independence for women. She has had some great female role models in her life that drove her to where she is today, and she feels it’s important to celebrate the role models in one’s life.  

“I’m inspired by every woman. When I see my mother at home, I see how affectionate she is, despite her tiredness. When I see a working woman, balancing her family life and work life, especially if they have abnormal working hours, I feel so motivated. I am truly inspired by every woman,” she explained.  

“So, this day reminds me that the world is travelling towards equality and that celebrating the achievement of all women is so important.” 

Lakshmi believes that a smile fixes most problems and if you have a positive take on your life that things will sort themselves out. She believes that patience is key and that making sure you treat people with kindness is always incredibly important.  


Functions and Events Manager at Seafire On The Marina and Luciano’s On The Marina, Erica Daysh, has been working in the hospitality sector since 2005 and knows the hard work it takes to make it far in the hospitality industry.  

From humble beginnings as a dishwasher, Erica has always wanted to work her way up in each job until she reached a management position, striving to further her career in any way possible.  

“I have been able to further my career at Seafire and I just love working in the beautiful location that is Marina Pier, the diverse team across our venues make for such an enjoyable team to be around.”  

Inspired by her sisters and best friend, she feels as though the love and support one receives from those closest to you is paramount to living a happy life and thriving in the workplace.  

“On a personal level, my sister and wonderful friend Samantha Bartolo inspires me. On the national stage, Grace Tame is a woman who I have been constantly inspired by,” Erica explains.  

“Grace challenges the social norms and conventions of women falling into a submissive and polite troupe. She has challenged my viewpoints, which has, in turn, sparked personal growth for myself.”  

To Erica, International Women’s Day means shining a spotlight on women who deserve recognition for their successes.  

“I believe this day is a chance to see ourselves reflected in all areas, at all levels. It is a powerful thing and women should have a seat at that table,” she explained.  

“In the end, working towards a world that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable, is at the heart of International Women’s Day.” 

Erica believes that continuing to explore and expand your knowledge base that will lead to success, whether that be in the hospitality industry or beyond.  


Restaurant Manager at The Wharf, Lisa Leemarie Levi, has been working at The Wharf for a year now and has an extensive history in the hospitality industry.  

Working her way up and putting in the hard work to get where she is now has always been important to her. Now that she has climbed the ladder, she is driven to help others do the same. 

For Lisa, being at The Wharf means “being able to meet people from all walks of life who travel near and far, escaping to the sea where it is peaceful and tranquil.” 

“Despite being busy running a restaurant, the sunsets every night are a work of art brought to life, and it’s a real perk of my job.”  

Lisa believes that International Women’s Day recognises women of all backgrounds who strive to better themselves and to be treated as equals despite socio-status. Lisa acknowledges the important and influential people in her own life who have aided her to get to where she is today.  

“My Family always inspire me; they are always the ones who have believed in my ability to do my best every day. It’s their faith in me that has helped me to get where I am today,” she explained.  

If there is one piece of advice Lisa can give women in hospitality, it is to never apologise for being a powerful woman, and to “never prove to anyone but yourself to believe in your ability to go far and achieve your dreams.”  

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