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Cocktails On Tap at Seafire

Seafire on the Marina has launched brand new cocktails on tap. With two taps at the bar dedicated to pouring delicious cocktails, customers will be able to get their cocktail fix in a matter of seconds.

Their first, and one that is here to stay, is a Gin Punch which consists of a fruity blend of Ford Gin, pineapple juice and berry syrups.

The second tap will be ever-changing and is expected to rotate its flavours every 2-3 weeks, depending on what alcohol and other mixers the restaurant has available.

Part-owner of Seafire on the Marina, Justin Daysh, has always loved the idea of having cocktails on tap as it has the ability to provide faster service, ultimately increasing profits.

“We wanted to create something that was a quick option for customers, rather than having to wait for the cocktails to be made while not sacrificing our quality and flavours,” said Justin.

The Gin Punch is currently available to purchase in the restaurant, with the rotating tap being finalised soon, so stay tuned!

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